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  • 1 Scope, Customer Information


The following general terms and conditions (GTC) regulate the contractual relationship between Ravenecy and consumers who buy goods via our shop (https://ravenecy.com/). The contract language is German.



  • 2 Conclusion of contract


(1) The offers on the Internet represent a non-binding invitation to you to buy goods.


(2) After entering your data and clicking the order button, you make a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.


(3) The prices stated on the product pages do not include shipping costs.



  • 3 Customer information: storage of the contract text


Your order with details of the concluded contract (e.g. type of product, price, etc.) will be saved by us. However, you do not have access to your past orders via the Internet. We will send you the terms and conditions, but you can also call up the terms and conditions at any time via our website. If you would like to save the product description on our shop page for your own purposes, you can e.g. B. make a screenshot (= screen photograph) or alternatively print out the whole page.



  • 4 Customer Information: Correction Notice


You can correct your entries at any time before submitting the order with the delete key. We will inform you about further correction possibilities on the way through the ordering process. You can also completely end the ordering process at any time by closing the browser window.



  • 5 Warranty


The warranty is based on the statutory provisions. There is no warranty for damage caused by improper use or treatment of the purchased item or for normal wear and tear.



  • 6 Limitation of Liability


We exclude liability for slightly negligent damage, provided that this does not relate to damage to life, limb or health of people or guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act (PHG) are affected. Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB) have to prove the existence of intent or gross negligence. Liability for lost profits and other consequential damages is excluded for entrepreneurs.